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Hay gorgeous ^^ After very busy couple weeks ago, now we met again :) Okay just to the point *I lost my words* I wanna make a quick review, its about my new eye palette which is MUA Undress Me Too, dupe for Urban Decay Naked 2. Well I didn't own a Naked 2 *its too expensive for me, with 12 natural shades* But still, I really want that palette. So, with a low budget, I purchased this MUA palette from online shop and.... its cheap :D about IDR 115000 or $ 11.5
Before I purchased this palette, I've been searching for a review, and I found a good review from another beauty blogger. Uuuuugh I'm  so exited.....

Okay let me introduced to you...

Came with white plastic palette, looks clean and simple. Like MUA palette as usual, it has a transparent cap, so you can see the colors.

Logo :p

Backside, with a simple tutorial
Double side applicator
Pan size, comparison with dime
Some of them are... powdery, and some a bit creamy. 

Cute names

Swatch on my hand...

Top row. From left *naked-dreamy

Bottom row. From left *tranquil-corrupt

Without eyeshadow base -____- I'm disappointed with this swatches, I should to swipe it 3 times or more. Need an eyeshadow base before application. But for me??? still, the color didn't wanna showed up ~_________~
On my skin, it looks like has a same color.
But, well its.... you know, I'm not expect too much with that price............... :D

Here, on my eye...

I use Shy, Devotion, Obsessed, and Corrupt as eyeliner
See?? similar colors with my skin, it just shimmery ~_____~ eeeeeh

  1. Affordable price
  2. Small packaging, easily hand carry

  1. No mirror!!!!! Why??? MUA has a great palette I thought, but why it has no mirror???
  2. Not pigmented, and some of them too powdery *ex: corrupt

Okay, so that was my opinion about this palette, I'm already use it with eyeshadow base, and its better, but still need layer and layer and more layer for me, because I love a bold color. About staying power??? let me update, I just tried it and erased it :D *that's why the tittle are SWATCH* Hahahaaaa
Well, if you wanna try this palette, buy it!!!!! do not canceled your plan because this post :D
Since, this palette are quiet famous, and the review before are good. It has different result on different person, right???:
This palette is good, but not that good, hmmmmmmm :D *I have a local brand with cheaper price but has a better pigmentation* :p

I'm very honest right??? of course!!! 100% honest :)
Thanks for reading, and keep on my new post, I'll make an update about this palette :)

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  1. waaa so cuuute, can't wait mine to arrive too soon >_<
    mungkin harus pake eyeprimer dulu kali ya biar warnanya muncul
    nice review dear, hihi

    1. Yups dear,, pake eyeprimer dulu, tapi buat aku walopun pake eyeprimer, tetep berkali-kali :p aku suka yang bold soalnya

  2. MUA yang kaya gini ada glitternya semua ya cc ?
    aku ga suka eyeshadow yang ada glitternya soalnya :(
    but , this eyeshadow nice on you hihi .

    btw , followback blogku ya xD
    thankyou <3

  3. Mahalnya,,padahal harga aslinya kurang dari 5pounds ya..besok Juni rencana mau ke tokonya MUA nya langsung buat ngeborong,, lebih murah dari disini soalnya..hehe..thanks for the review..

    1. kalau dibandingin sama ud ya murah banget...
      yaa khan ongkir dari UK juga gak murah >.<

  4. kayaknya cocok kalo buat sehari hari biar kelihatan seger tapi tetep netral ya.. masih mikir2 banget nih, bakal kepake ga kalo beli.. :p

    1. iyaa buat sehari-hari ini, warnanya netral semua :)

  5. aku juga pingin beli, tapi bingun mau buat apa :)

    NIve reciew :)

  6. nice palette *_* your blog is very lovely and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too<3 keep in touch!


  7. Hihihi..insyaAllah say kalau dapet sponsor kesana..doain ya..masih cari2 duit buat kesana nih..siappp monggo nitip kalau jadi ya..hehe

  8. Hey darling,
    Wondering if you would like to follow each other? :)
    Please let me know!