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Hayy Hayy,, its friday ^^ well, as a lecture I'm not that excited with friday :p Because weekend is my very busy days -_____- But its okey, I wanna share some tips about washing my face. FYI, I have very dry skin, and sometimes they exfoliating, and also very sensitive. I cant scratch my face because it'll turn red, even when I pat my face to apply a moisturizer T____T

So I need a very gently 'hand' for my face. That's why I never go to salon for facial.

source from Google

Here's about clean my face:
  • I Use a wet-face towel to wipe a cleansing cream/milk, rub gently towards the top  (Saya menggunakan handuk wajah yang telah dibasahi untuk menghapus krim pembersih, gosok lembut ke arah atas);
  • Use a lukewarm water to rinse a cleansing cream perfectly (Gunakan air hangat, suam-suam kuku untuk membilas krim pembersih secara sempurna) ;
  • I use a facial foam that fit for my dry and sensitive skin, rub gently and slowly. Massage gently upward. Do not rush to rinse off. Use a lukewarm water again :D (Saya menggunakan sabun wajah yang sesuai dengan jenis kulit saya, gosok lembut dan perlahan-lahan. Pijat lembut ke arah atas. Jangan terburu-buru membilasnya. Gunakan air hangat-hangat kuku lagi);
  • Use a toner, than my skincare line -moisturizer,sunscreen- :p (Gunakan toner lalu perawatan wajah lainnya -pelembab,sunscreen-)
And some tips: 
  • Clean your hand before clean your face; (Bersihkan tangan sebelum membersihkan wajah)
  • Massage gently towards the top, to keep your face tight; (Pijat lembut ke arah atas, untuk menjaga kulit tetap kencang)
Picture taken from google, editing by my self
  • Massage your eye areas from inner corner to the outside, to avoid a wrinkles; (Pijat daerah mata dari sudut dalam ke arah luar)
Picture taken from Google, editing by my self
  • Use a lukewarm water, not too hot or too cold; (Gunakan air hangat-hangat kuku, tidak terlalu panas dan tidak terlalu dingin)
  • Use a cleansing products with no scents; (Gunakan produk pembersih tanpa wewangian)
  • Wait about a minute before rinse a foam off. (Tunggu sekitar satu menit sebelum membilas sabun)
  • Clean your face in the morning, if you wearing a night cream, based on my experience, your face will turn dark if you too lazy to clean your face. (Bersihkan wajah di pagi hari apabila menggunakan krim malam sebelumnya, berdasarkan pengalaman pribadi, kulit akan menghitam apabila terlalu malas membersihkan wajah) 
That's a simple tips from me about CLEANING OUR FACE ^^
Hope you enjoy it...

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  1. Oh!!! This routine is a help!


  2. Good tips. Our faces are so sensitive ;;