MINI REVIEW: SKINFOOD Gold Kiwi Hydrating Mask

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Hayy hayy we met again ^^ first I wanna say 'SORRY' for my annoying layout recently, my hand cant stop to play with HTML, and the result was really bad -_____- made a lot of mistake. Then I think I've been done *I wish my hand can stop make a CSS Code*.
Okay, so tonight I wanna make a review again, which is a mask with headline "Hydrating Mask", uuuuuugh fit for my skin type. Well its not a full review, because I use it 3 times :p
Wash-off mask, SKINFOOD Gold Kiwi Hydrating Mask. GOLD??? uuugh I love Gold. KIWI??? I cant remember the taste of this fruit :D kinda pricey fruit here. HYDRATING??? like I said fit for my dry skin.
Okay just take a look...

Highly moisturizing GoldKiwi Mask Moisturizer pack restores and renews your skin from deep under, using a substance found in goldkiwis.

[A Secret in GoldKiwi fruits]
Do you know that New Zealanders eat goldkiwis without peeling them off not to miss out their nutritional effects? Skinfood has newly discovered a substance found in the goldkiwi's skin, helps restore your sun-damaged skin from deep under.

* To Use
- After washing your face, apply the mask in a little bit thick layer to your face, avoiding the eye area.
- Leave on skin for 10 minutes, and then rinse off with cool water.
- For more intensive care for hydration, apply an adequate amount of the mask, avoiding the eye area, and rub gently into your skin, at the end of the basic cosmetic touches before going to bed.
- Apart from your face, other body parts such as the neck, arms and legs can keep hydrated and smooth when they are exposed to too much of ultra sunlight.

When I saw this mask on Silvia Andromeda  I thought it was a sample size, then I bought 2 cups (around IDR 10.000 each). But when I checked on SKINFOOD Website, its came with a big glass :D hahahaaaa cute

One cup, has a 8 ml capacity, I use it 3 times ^^ Looked like a yogurt cup, I wanna ate that :D
And the mask look like.....

 Apply on your clean face
(Gunakan pada wajah yang telah dibersihkan)

Massage gently, for blood circulation
(Pijat Lembut untuk melancarkan peredaran darah)

Apply again, and leave it for 10-15 minutes
(lapisi lagi, diamkan 10-15 menit)

Rub gently the mask
(gosok dengan lembut)

Rinse off with a cool water
(basuh dengan air dingin)

I use it before sleep, so after mask activity, I ended with my skincare routine.

And here the simple result:
  1. Cute Packaging (packagingnya lucu ^^);
  2. Almost has no scents (tidak berbau);
  3. Gel texture,its not sticky (teksturnya gel, jadi tidak lengket);
  4. Moist my skin (melembabkan kulit);
  5. Refreshing (menyegarkan);
  6. Store in the refrigerator, make it so fresh ^^ (simpan di dalam kulkas, jadi lebih segar)
Well, I just use it 3 times, so I cant gives you a full result, but like I said this mask really fresh. You can use it after 'sun-burn' ^^

That's my opinion about this mask. 100% honest, based on my experience. Thank you for reading ^^

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17 comment

  1. Iyaa.. Kyak yoghurt yaa.. Jd pngen dimakan drpd dipake...haha... Btw nice review... :)

  2. Aroma TSF Gold Kiwi tuh yummy bgt hi hi hi...
    BTW jumat aku ke jember tapi lupa kalo sabtu musti ke surabaya coba... #plakkkk

  3. ah racunnyaaa >_< jadi pengen nyoba deh.
    affordable pula, hihi
    nice review, dear <3 sukaaa

  4. I love masks. I saw these at skinfood but I didn't pick it up, I went for Nature Republic instead.

    Don't feel bad about the HTML ya, I'm still learning and sometimes I feel like I'm going crazy!

    1. Yes I'am!!! Feels like wanna throw my laptop T___T

  5. di makan bisa? lol...yummy nih..

  6. belum cobain..skinfood d aku rawan bruntusan sih, makanya jrg pake line dari skinfood :(
    dulu pakai series tomato, skrg uda enggak..
    nice post sayy!! :D

    1. kalau bikin beruntusan ya jangan dipaksa ~_~
      nanti malah breakout

  7. wahhh kliatan redness km berkurang abis pake dee :D

  8. Halo~ thank you udah mampir ke blogku :)
    aku beli the balm nitip sama temanku say~ dia ikut PO di online shop lokal di FD :)
    Btw, very cute mask~ packaginya imut banget ^^

  9. The mask looks very creamy and thick and am sure it smells fab. Did it help prevent oil production?
    My Beauty Junction

  10. thanks for checking out my blog and following! we definitely have the same taste so of course i had to follow your blog as well. cannot wait for your next post! ps how did you find my blog???