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Hayy hayy.... I'm back!!!! :D after a long..... long... and long time..... I made a post again :D And... in this post, I wanna make a first impression about some brushes ^^ called it MASAMI SHOUKO. I bought 2 brushes which is flat top brush and refillable brush. For Indonesian, you can found this brand on drugstore or KAY COLLECTION. Too bad, this brand not available on my hometown, yet. So, I purchased online from Masami Shouko 
Well this brush was my first Masami Shouko brush, I never try it. I though it'll be great product, deepens on so many review, a good review about it. So yes, I bought it, lets take a look....

1. REFILLABLE POWDER BRUSH (price IDR 39900 / $ 3.9)


Contains a brush and the cap. Length is about 11 cm. Very cute brush :D black plastic handle and cap with a silver name. And also a clear tube to put your powder, you can see your powder, bronzer, even a glitter ^^ Very simple and practically. You no need to carry your big powder + brush anymore, just one simple thingy :)

 It has a clear tube, around the bristle, so it won't change. Just pull it.  

The bristles, well, quite along about 3.5 cm. Soft, but not that soft. Its not a big deal yooww.

The powder tube. With a scroll cap *what in English??? sorry* you know just like the picture bellow :D

For this refillable brush, I put my broken shimmering powder :D

Just smash it into a powder
And this is how.....

 2. FLAT TOP SYNTHETIC BRUSH #319 (price IDR 88900 / $ 8.8)

"Made of High Definition filament to blend powder, cream or liquid products. Ideal for High Definition make up......"
"A flat top with short and dense bristles makes it easy to buff liquid foundation for a smooth, flawless and even finish...." ~MASAMI SHOUKO~

The length is about 18 cm. Black handle with a silver name on it. 18 cm, will make it easier when applying foundation, because we can control the pressure of the bristles as we wish.
The bristles. 2 tones of colors and its short, about 1.5 cm, and the diameter is 2 cm. And also dense and fluffy. Combined with 18 cm handle, it gives you a good control, when applying foundation. Great right???


Plus (+)
* Good quality
* Affordable price
* Flat top brush was my favorite (dense and fluffy) I love it!!!
* Nice design, it looks elegant and profesional

Minus (-)
* NOT AVAILABLE ON MY HOMETOWN!!!! T_T please send them here!!!!
* It will be great if they include 'brush guard' for the 319 brush :p

So, you guys can check out on:
Oh, I'll make another post about how they work with my face *narcissism* :D as soon as possible, because my computer doesn't work really well, I can't editing a pictures. Thanks for reading, and keep gorgeous!!!! XOXO!!!!


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