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Hayy hayy gorgeous!!!!! I'm back!!!! Again!!!! *lol* my laptop was angry, doesn't work with me :( but he's better now :D *take him to hospital* so..... I can posting again... and today post is about my acne story :( FYI, once upon a time, my face was *ehem* FLAWLESS!!!! yess I am!!! but it was a long time ago :( My face start ruin, when I'm in university, last semester, workin' on final essay. High pressured, stress to the top, didn't eat well, cant sleep, feels like my finger stick on keyboard *hiperbolic* and........ CHAOS!!!! my face!!!! T_T even my friend was shock!!! And the acne's getting worst while I prepared for graduation day :'( When 'THE DAY' comes, my face really breakout!!!! acne all around my face. Their tiny, but mean T_T all over my face. I seen the doctor, and she said its because STRESS, hormonal things. She gave me *well, not free* a facial treatments which is... quite expensive. But, my face doesn't showed any progress *sigh* when one acne disappear, two will shows off. I change my treatment, and NO PROGRESS too!!!! My face getting flake of, and very dry. Then I found a local products, but I only choose milk cleanser-toner-facial foam-night cream. But this line, kinda rare :D I should wait for a month for restock *Gosh* I changed my treatment again, when Korean products came to the World, I wanna try them too, and I choose some brand, well honestly I choose this brand because they have VINTAGE packaging :D And when I try it, its good, my skin no longer hydrate, but my acne??? they keep stay on my face. Especially when I ate high protein food, such a shrimp, squid, and seafood... WHAT?????? I not eat red meat, I mean I love SEAFOOD :'( 
And than I watch this commercial, some products, high-end products that contains PITERA. I think it'll fix my problems. But.... they expensive T___________T my mom gonna kill me, if I bought that expensive face products. 
Thanks to KOREA!!!! they have such a great skin products!!!! I saw this SECRET KEY products on facebook, well it's still being a topic, about COPYCAT :p but, I dont really care, they have great products with more affordable price *lol*
And yes I choose SECRET KEY Starting Treatment Essence with 90% pitera, and 7 free. As a moisturizer I choose Snail Egf gel (I've heard that snail extract, will fix a dullness). 
WARNING!!!! It's gonna be a looooooooong post :)

Okay.... let me give you a snapshot :D

And lets start the review....
SECRET KEY Starting Treatment Essence

BRAND                         : SECRET KEY - Korea
NAME OF PRODUCT : Starting Treatment Essence 
CAPACITY                    : 155 ml
PRICE                           : Around IDR 250.000-300.000/ $30 on online shop


I have no idea about this hangul :D

Height about 17.5 cm, a bit bulky
Could anyone translate it for me????

The lid

Here description about Secret Key STE, credit belong to 
Put'em in little jar, easier and sterile

  • Glass bottle, about 17.5 cm length
  • A big capacity, is really good :D
  • The lid, just.... not nice for me, not sterile :D
  • Scent like a rice water
  • Clear liquid
  • Moist my face
  • Good absorb
  • 7 free (alcohol makes skin more dry)
  • I love this essence, they treat my skin really well, even for my very sensitive skin
  • Brighten up
  • No more flakes :p
Now, onto the Snail gel.....
SECRET KEY Snail+Egf Gel Cream
Lets take a look....
BRAND                          : SECRET KEY - Korea
NAME OF PRODUCT : Snail+Egf Gel Cream
CAPACITY                    : 50gr
PRICE                           : Around IDR 150.000 / $15




Few second later, they absorb...

  • Clear gel texture, not sticky at all
  • Has no scents I thought
  • Absorb well
  • Moist my skin
  • Has a cooling sensation
  • Calming my acne
  • Help to repair my dull skin ^^ Yayy!!!!
I've been using for 2 month, and here's the timeline...
START: March 16, 2013
2 weeks later... made a mistake --"
picture taken on March 30, 2013 *silly*

On April 11, 2013
It's began... deflated acne

 In a week...

 2 months later...
Getting better, ALHAMDULILLAH ^^


After 2 months, my face getting better, well it need a time, but that's okay for me. I am so patient :). And now, it makes a progress, as you can on my 'face timeline' getting better huh??? And the best thing..... I can eat seafood again!!!! No more worries about acne *just cholesterol level* 
I'm falling in love with them both!!!

Beside this SECRET KEY products, I use my daily skin care.
So, here is my skin care line:
  1. Milk cleanser in the morning before I wash my face (I used VIVA)
  2. Facial foam (CLARESTA)
  3. Toner (VIVA)
  4. SECRET KEY Starting Treatment Essence
  5. SECRET KEY Snail Gel
  6. Sunscreen (CLARESTA)
  7. Powder (MARCKS)
  8. DONE!!!!
That's it!! I'm not wearing any bb cream or foundation. And doing a detox with a face mask at least once a week.
And yes, for the first time I feel really awkward without makeup. But lately, I dont really care :D Well some of my friend and my customers said that I am really pale, wonder if I'm sick. Doesn't really matter, it's WORTH *lol*
Okay, enough right now,  I've been writing sooooo looooooong, don't get me wrong, I just want to share with you... What do you think???
So... do you wanna try it too??? Go get them!!! And lets share a story with me :)
Thanks for reading, and keep gorgeous!!!! X.O.X.O

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  1. Wahhhh aku juga mau coba ah Secret key. Masalah jerawatku belum sembuh >_<

    Thanks untuk sharingnya ^_^

    1. silahkan dicoba dear :) semoga cocok yaah

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. snail gel nya dipake siang malam ya?
    bisa buat ngilangin bekas jerawat ato enggak ya kira2?

    1. aku pake siang dan malam :D mau beli yang cream buat malemnya
      di aku sish ngilangin yaa... ada fotonya khan :) tapi butuh waktu hehee

    2. aku ada info ni... tadinya aku mau nyobain, tapi batal gara2 ini :(

  3. Gilee ini reviewnya, ngeracunin bangeeet. Mana lagi mulai ngelirik-ngelirik secret key di olshop lagi akhir2 ini *kekep dompet*

    Congrats ya pipinya mulai bersih lagi, alhamdulillah sukses kesabarannya berbuah hasil, uyeaay.

    Tapi pake snail2 aku suka ngebayangin deh, berapa snail yang disiksa buat bikin produk yang dijual masal T_T

  4. waaa keren jg hasilnya ^^ congrats yaaa
    boleh jg nih dicoba kapan2 ;)

  5. wah, bagus ya hasilnya, btw belinya dimana ya kalo boleh tau? ^^

    1. Di olshop dear ^^ banyak kok sekarang yang jual ^^

  6. Soriii mau nanya, bukannya yg snail gel cream contain pork placenta about 0.2% yah? ._.

    1. Hayy hayy berdasarkan tread female, yang mengandung pork placenta itu snail cream sama essence T_T *padahal rencana mau pake yg cream juga
      Jadi untuk snail gel aman ^^

    2. Hayy hayy berdasarkan tread female, yang mengandung pork placenta itu snail cream sama essence T_T *padahal rencana mau pake yg cream juga
      Jadi untuk snail gel aman ^^

    3. oh gitu. hehe makasih buat klarifikasinya. Maaf yaa aku ketuker yang gel sama cream nya^^ jadi pengen nyobain gel nya nih setelah dikasih tau. *kena racun* haha
      Essence nya bukan yang STE ini kan? soalnya setau ku dia free animal oil :/

  7. Hi mini glass bottle nya beli dimana ya *aku ga tau itu nyebutnya apa :p*? Aku lg cari2 itu tuh biar dibawa travel gampang.

    1. botol pipet, beli di apotek dear atau toko alat-alat kedokteran ^^

  8. Hi sis, Aku jual SECRET KEY starting treatment essence yg 155ml, HARGA 160rb, dijamin ori, garansi uang kembali hehehe.... yang berminat Line aku: airenseunggi, sms/whatsapp : 081287172129. Thanks

  9. hai sis. . mau tanya bisa untuk pemakaian brp lama SK ini?? tq yaaa

    1. haii...
      aku mulai pake bulan maret, sekarang masih tinggal separuh :)
      lumayan irit lah....

  10. hai sis. . mau tanya bisa untuk pemakaian brp lama SK ini?? tq yaaa

  11. ijin pakai foton before after yah sai.. ku pasang credit sepenuhnya ^^

  12. Hai, beli di olshop apa ya nama nya klo blh tau?
    Aku lagi hamil, acne dimana-mana nih hiks. Thanks ya..

    1. sekarang olshop-olshop banyak yang jual dear ^^
      bisa searching di facebook ^^

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  17. Sist sory mau tanya...secret key nya klo di apply sama cream snail gell punya mizon apa gapapa..? maksudnya, di apply pas lagi jrawatan....trus pemakaiannya gmna klo untuk malam hari? setelah pakai cream mlm atau di kasi secret key dulu baru cream malam? Thx b4 :)

    1. Gak masalah kalau di kombinasi sama produk lain..
      Untuk yg ste dipakenya setelah cuci muka baru apply cream malam…
      Semoga membantu 😘

  18. For more information regarding acne treatments in delhi Please visit:

  19. Dear mau info aja kalau beli secret key sekarang bisa di :)