REVIEW: SKINFOOD Fruits Brunch Lip Box

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Hayy gorgeous!!! I'm back, with another review post ^^
And this time, I will make a review about lip products, I'm a lip product addict :D Let me introduce to you......
SKINFOOD Fruits Brunch Lip Box shade #1 Strawberry. For you to know, I love this brand so much, I have a lot of SKINFOOD product. Because they have a vintage packaging >_____< And this lip box, has a vintage packaging too *how can I deny???? consists of 3 colors, and including the brush.

BRAND                 : SKINFOOD
NAME OF PRODUCT: Fruits Brunch Lip Box
CAPACITY             : 3 gr
PRICE             : Around IDR 70000-80000 (I cant remember the price, I bought from Lynlyn Shop)

This cute, mini lip box contains moisturizing lipsticks enriched with sweet fruit scents, and lip glosses with subtle pearl.
Easy and convenient to carry and create various lip makeup.

* To use
1. Create a more natural look by applying to your lips in even strokes that start from the inside to forward.
2. Create a vivid and glamorous lips with applying to entire your lips.
This lip box, available in 3 shades
#1 Strawberry
#2 Tomato
#3 Cafe Cinnamon

Like I said before, VINTAGE packaging!!!!! I Love it, came with a silver metal box, vintage pattern, vintage logo its only 7,5cm X 5cm. Very cute.....
Including the brush and mirror *with flas
No Flash
 You can remove the placemap, so you can use the box as a storage.
From Left : 1-2-3
 On my hand...

From left: 1-2-3
*COLOR Number 1

Baby pink color, moisturizing lipstick, but its not pigmented. I need to apply layer by layer to get this look. Good for natural looked.

*COLOR Number 2

I think its a coral. Am I right??? I love this color, but make my face so pale.

*COLOR Number 3

This the pink-transparent lip glosses with subtle pearl. A bit sparkling.

It has a very soft fruits scent. Like a strawberry. About the staying power, like the other lipstick as usually.
  1. Cheap price with good packaging.
  2. Contains moisturizer
  1. Not pigmented, but its good for natural looked
  2. I dont like the brush, cant blended well
REPURCHASED: ....... I dont know. Honestly, I love the packaging, I wanna try another shades, but..... Let me decided later :p

Well, that was my experience, 100% honest, and I bought this product with my own money ^^

Thanks for reading...

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14 comment

  1. Replies
    1. itu lip glossnya ...
      pink transparan gitu

  2. Warnanya cakep tapi aku paling males sama lip product model palet2 gitu. Entah kenapa??
    Tapi pekejingnya cakkeeppp... #LOL

    1. haha... kalau aku apapun bentuknya, selama itu lip product, bisa kalap...
      packagingnya bagus mbak,,kuat juga

    2. Bahaya emang kalo banci pekejing yakk

    3. banget mbak >_____<
      apalagi yang vintage-vintage gitu waaaahhh bahaya

  3. I adore a good lip color - Thank you for sharing your experiences w/ these ones. :)

  4. Bagus yah, bening2 sheer gitu tapi yah, kayanya bagus buat daily look ^ ^

  5. wow..jadi maunih..nyam2 pengen aku makan! haha...
    eh, say, Wetnwild lipsticknya sih bagus warnanya..malesnya tuh, rada aneh di bibr gitu..apalagi yang shocking pink itu..kayak karet berasanya...hihihih....kalo tertarik, beli yang warna lain aja..nude nya cakep..=)