MINI REVIEW (Travel Size): Black Sugar Deep Cleansing Cream

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Hayy hayy,,new post :) I hope you're not boring with my post ^^
A few days ago, my cleanser was empty, so I go to the Claresta counter to buy cleanser. But too bad the cleanser was sold out T______T
Gosh!!!! what I supposed to do?? Should I buy another cleanser??? I dont think so. Then, I realize that I bought a SKINFOOD skincare in travel size, and one of them is a cleanser called BLACK SUGAR DEEP CLEANSER CREAM. So I'm gonna use this cleanser till I've got my Claresta cleanser. And I'm amazed with the result ^^

Okay, just skip my story, and lets start the review, I mean mini review...


Detail from website:
The mineral-rich Brazilian black sugar in the cleansing cream leaves your skin moist after washing and gently removes the dense make-up.

* To Use

Apply a moderate amount of it over the entire face. After massaging it until the makeup dissolves into the cream, remove with a tissue or tepid water.

Real picture

First I read the name of this product I'm thinking "Ooh, is a cream" then I pour it to my palm, but oil came out o____O Whattt???!!!?? Its cream, I thought "maybe they made a mistake, they wrote a wrong name" ~__________~ 

And I shake the tube, and sounds like a liquid @____@ *confused
Then I pour it again, still oil came out, and I pinch the tube.....
Finally, the cream showed up -_______- but still oily, I mean very oily *eewwww
Light chocolate cream (when I read the name, my first thought, it will be black :p) *hilarious me

The cream finally showed up
Has a lemon scents I thought, fresh, and I like it.
I apply it, massage gently, and then remove with a cotton....
I was amazed with the result o.O white cotton turn into dirty ^^

I use it in the afternoon, after work. Hohohooooo...
After that, I wash my face with my facial foam, and my skin so moist :)

  • I love this products
  • Love the scent, fresh make me relax
  • Make my skin moist
  • Clean up my makeup well 
  • Recommended for dry skin 
PURCHASED the Full Size: YESS!!!!!! I will!!!!!
I dont know the price in full size, but I will purchased it.
Well, that's my opinion about this product, I've been using for a week, and it's okay for my sensitive skin. My opinion, 100% honest ^^


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7 comment

  1. Cobain black sugar masknya deh lebih manteb hehehehe

    1. Benarkah??? mau coba line cleansernya black sugar ahh ^^

    2. Modelnya sugar scrub tapi setelah itu bisa buat masker sekalian. Baunya rada2 lemon juga. Aku suka bangettttt..........

    3. makasih infonya mbak,,emang ada rencana beli scrubnya juga ^^