REVIEW: SARIAYU MOISTPOME Liquid Lip Color Double Action (Pomegrante Extract & Mineral)

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Hi ladies!!! How are u??? Still healthy and pretty right??? :D today I’m gonna make some review from my makeup stuffs. Its Indonesian brand makeup called SARIAYU MARTHA TILAAR. This brand is one of my favourite makeup, ‘coz they have beautifull color and pretty packaging. Most of them are GOLD (I Love Goldie much!!!) and they always used Indonesian culture as a theme, like Wayang, name of Indonesian island. Okay let me introduces to you this one : SARIAYU MOISTPOME Liquid Lip Color Double Action (Pomegrante Extract & Mineral). And its came from SARIAYU Trend Warna 2011 EXOTIC INDONESIA-The Color Of Asia series. This series consists of 4 collection, which is Petikan Sitar, Alun Serunai, Dendang Rebana, and Denting Kecapi. And I choose from Alun Serunai collection. This Lip liquid is cheap :D around IDR 39.000,-

this banner taken from the official website of SARIAYU

Okay lets start the review ^^

This is it :D Has two sides

This product contain antioxidant and UV filter to protect lips from adverse effects of environment and UV radiation, and also enriched with Vitamin E to moisten the lips. I choose this one ‘coz I want orange color, I mean really really orange, from the first sight I’m falling in love with this color, “really orange”.
I really love lipgloss and this product fullfil my wish. This lip liquid has two side, one side is a Lip color and the other side is a lipgloss (about 3 gram each). The lip color has a bright orange color like what i want, and the lip gloss has an orange transparent color. This product has a scent of fruit. The color appears well on my lips, like a matte color but its wet. Make my face looks bright and also moisturize my lips. 

Lip Color sides

Lip Color sides: Really orange!!! Luv it!!!! ^^

Lipgloss sides

Transparent color :)

For daily look, I usually used a lipstick or lipgloss like a lip tint. Darker inside, like a gradation, it looks sensual I thought :D
This some pictures of my lips :D

Ignore my unflawless skin plissss T_T

The result is pretty for me :D, makes my face bright and natural. Let see what happened next :D

After breakfast its about 1 and half hour later
Okay (sigh.....) after my breakfast, my lip color slowly faded, but the shiny still there (little bit :p) need a touch up (but for this review, I'm not touch it up). Aaaaaand, 4 hour later, its totally disappear T_T huhuhuuu...
its not long lasting --". But its okay for me, I only need to carry this thing in my bag everyday so I can touch it up :D

  • Has two sides, so you can choose, used the lip liquid color for a matte and vivid result, or used the lip gloss for a natural look, or both
  • Contain antioxidant & UV protection
  • Enriched with Vitamin E to moisten the lips, it worked for me who has dry skin.
  • Cheapy price
  • The color is pretty, and worked well on my lips
  • Even this lipgloss disappear my lips doesn't turn cracked 
  • Not long lasting
  • Has a scent (I dont really like a makeup with scent, especially fruit scent)
  • Just moist my lips when the lipgloss still exist (but my lips doesn't turn dry)
REPURCHASED:  Yes! Coz I'm falling in love with the orange color (but I will try another stuffs :D)

So, ladies this is just my opinion about this product. I've been using about 1 month. You gonna try this?? Just shared with me :D

PS: Do not copy without permission from me, just respect me. You can shared it, with adding my blog as a link. Its original "me" wearing this product on my skin. The pictures were taken from my camera and without editing :)
Sorry for my bad english, still learning :D



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