RED beside BLUE

8:21:00 PM

Makeup eXperiment >.<
Sorry for:
  • Verry low photo quality, I used my camera phone and I cant find a perfect lightning, so my make up does not appear well
  • Un-flawless skin, I'm not wearing a concelear just touch up after work
  • The ugly face, tired after work ~~"

Soo sorry about my ugly face T_T, I cant find the perfect lighting, so my makeup
not so apparent
 Product I used:
  • Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit from Etude House shade W13#Natural Beige
  • Wardah Lightening TWC shade 01#Light Beige
  • Mirabella Rainbow Eyeshadow Kit II (Red, blue and white)
  • 2FX black mascara from Oriflame
  • Unbranded Pencilliner in Black
  • Sari Ayu Lipstick Cantika Jawa Timur number 02#Merak Kasmaran
  • Wardah Wonder Shine number 03#Soft Pink
  • Sari Ayu Shimmering Powder
NB: I'm not wearing fake eyelashes becoz, I dont like it, make me appear too much with my big eyes and tint eyebrow, and makes me feel dizy :p




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