Really Really Love Honey

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Hayy hayy,, how are you :) still stunning right ;)
Talk about stunning, I wanna share about my relationship with 'Honey' :D. I said that I really love 'Honey' right :), and its not a guy :p. Its really 'Honey'
A very sweet liquid, gold-glaze texture, its a Honey. I thought I kinda like winnie the pooh who really loves honey, cant live without it :D
For me, honey its really amazing. For everything I mean. For beauty, for health, even for food. Really love them. And what I'm talking about here its for beauty. I've already write about honey on my post here before. So right now, I'm just want to share with you about my experience with this sweet liquid.
Pictures from Mbah Google ;)
  • I use honey as a moisturizer 
In the morning, after I clean my face with milk cleanser, I apply pure honey onto my face and wait about 5-10 minutes (even longer) before I wash my face. After I wash my face, it feels like moist and glowing skin. My flake-off skin and lip??? Out!!!!

  • I use honey as a scrub
I mixed honey with sugar (choose a sugar with soft granules). I apply to my face, wait about 5-10 minutes and scrub gently. It will makes your dead skin passed away :D
  • I use honey as a mask
I only use honey as a mask as a first point, or I mix it with other ingredients that I can find at my house. Like a fruits, milk, yogurt, or even a mask powder. Just mix it up. But before u do it, make sure that ingredients you found, fit with your skin condition (like cucumber for oily skin, carrot for dry skin, and avocado for normal skin)
And after a month, my face get better. I have acne scars, like a scratch, but right now, its gone :). My face more soft, and my acne problem, slowly disappear. It takes a time, but its okay, something instant is not good I thought :)
Sorry, I have no any picture here T__T
So, would you try it?? Its simple, easy and cheap :D

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