SORRY for My Layout T_T

6:26:00 PM


Hayy hayy.... T_____T
Do you feel my blog really annoying??? I mean, like a different background color and un-finished head banner....
I am so sorrrryyyyyyyyyyy...... I try to make my own template, working with a code, HTML and other, make me crazy @_@
And still its not done yet *kill me*.
Before the accident, I want to change my template, so I ask my friend who expert with graphic design agreed to help me out *at first*..... But, next day he said he can do it T_T *too busy with his work*. That's why I try by my self, and the result is..... *sigh* just like what you see on my blog right now. Its ruin!!!! I realize that I have no talent with this thing, I can make a deal with HTML or somekind like that...

So forgive me if my layout make you dizzy or annoying, please....
I'll fix it soon.......

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7 comment

  1. Thats ok,take your time. We are following you now can you follow us back? Kisses

    1. Thank youuuu,, still work'in on it aaaand still confused :D Haa

      Already following you

  2. oh udah selesai ta? cantik kok template-nya. cocok ama bloglovin pic-nya.
    makasih ya udah di tag ;) i'll do it ASAP ;D

    visit my blog ^^

    1. Belum selesai T_T masih bingung ini mau diapain, setelah kulihat-lihat ungunya bikikn pusing deh kayaknya :D
      maunya yang vintage-vintage gitu,,ini masih ngerancang banner gak beres-beres >.<

    2. hahahaha ungunya cantik kok ^^

    3. Selesai deh untuk sementara :D
      nanti viewernya pada kabur gegara hobby ganti layout :D

  3. Saranku, kalau nanti mau ganti2 layout lagi, lebih baik 'blog readers' nya dirubah ke 'author only' buat sementara... kalo udah beres baru rubah lagi ke 'anybody' jadinya kita bebas buat gonta2 layout or template tanpa kelihatan readers... ^^ sori klo kmu udah tahu, cuma saran aja... :)