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Hayy there..... Today I wanna write some post, but I have no idea about it. So, I take a look on my computer, and I found this pictures, Food photos I mean :p
A traditional foods of Indonesia (Javanese Culture). I just wanna introducing to you :D

These food, has a mountain shape, it called Tumpeng (from javanese language). Usually we ate this Tumpeng when we held a party called Selamatan (Pray for safety/thanksgiving ceremony). For wedding, birthday party, opened a new bussines, when you moving into new house, or just for Pengajian (moslem prayer community) -correct me if I'm wrong-

These pictures usually for pre-wedding party, contains;
  1. Nasi kuning (yellow rice)
  2. 2 INGKUNG (two chickens)-Symbolic of two person that become one in a one place-
  3. Abon (mashed dry meat)
  4. Perkedel (fried mashed potato with a meat chop)
  5. Sambel Goreng Kentang (spicy fried potato)
  6. Sambel Goreng Tempe (spicy fried tempe)
  7. Telur Asin (salty duck egg)

 These another Tumpeng, usually for Selamatan, contains:
  1. Nasi Kuning (yellow rice)
  2. Abon (mashed dry meat)
  3. Perkedel (fried mashed potato)
  4. Sambel Goreng Kentang (spicy fried potato)
  5. Sambel Goreng Tempe (spicy fried tempe)
  6. Telur Asin (salty duck egg)

Roasted chicken, combine with yellow rice, rich with flavor.... Hmmmmm *hungry
A package with Tumpeng which is usually used when opening a new business.
  1. Pisang Raja (king banana-because they huge)
  2. Jenang Merah-Putih (red and white sweet porridge)
  3. Mawar (roses)
  4. Jajan Pasar (snack from traditional market)
  5. Perapen (kinda like clay stove, with charcoal)


This is for Seserahan (when a man purpose a women, before getting marriage, he would bring this food with his family go to his fiance house)
  1. Nasi (rice)
  2. Ingkung (Chicken)
Hmmmmm,, that chicken covered with slices of red pepper, yummyyyyy....

Well, that's a short post about Indonesian traditional foods. Do you wanna try these foods?? A recipes??? Let me know I would be happy to shared these recipes for you ^^
If you live in JEMBER, let me know yaa,, and try all homemade javanese foods at my very humble restaurant :D



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  1. Adoooh Dee, aq ngiler abis liat makanannya.kangen bgt Ama indo food. Nyaaammm nyaammm ...klo aq main ke Indo,mau mampir ah k Jember.hehe..di beli dong orange lipsticknya. Bagus lho warnanya..:)