Accessories Haul that I Never Wear (Cleaning Part 1)

9:27:00 PM

Hayy Haayy there...... :)
Its closed with a new year. Just like another, I wanna make some new environment around me. So, I cleaning my room, and found some"things" that I..... even forget if I have it --"
Ridiculous right??? I think most people (or ladies especially) had the same situation right?? :D
Spending money to buy "things" that not really important, just because they had cute shape, pretty color, cute packaging, and many more reason. When you see some stuff on your favorite store, you will think that you need that stuff, but honestly you dont really need it, you just wanna have them :D
Like me, I found a view accessories that I never wear. I even cant remember for exactly when I bought it T_T sorry....

This a view of them


Big Brooch
I never wearing them
Wearing them?? nope!!! --"
Remember them??? Not really T__T
Well, as you know, I'm wearing hijab, so necklace not really important for me (but why I always buy this stuff?????Big question in my head). My favorite accessories is brooches (I have a lot).....
But that big brooch..... I never wearing it because, too big too heavy. I'm usually wearing brooches at my hijab.
I love them, but I never wear them. Just make my dresser crowded.

Sooo... what I supposed to do???

I think about giveaway :D



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8 comment

  1. hahaha aku juga nih. suka shopping n beli yg ga penting banget... -,- trs lupa -,-.. sampe hrs diingetin ama adikq spy stop beli barang yg ga jelas xD tp necklacenya bagus2 loh, kn bisa pake baju polos trs kerudungnya dimasukin ke baju, jadi ga kelihatan rame ^^
    thanks ya. aku udah follow back~

    visit my blog ^^

    1. Iyaa sih,,tapi aku kalau pake kerudung gak suka dimasukin ke baju, gerah :p

      thanks yaa uda follback ^^

  2. hello. heheh sama aku juga banyak koleksi tp jarang pake. aku follow blog km yah, kindly follback

    1. xixixi...
      kinda guilty pleasure :D
      already follow sist ^^

  3. wah iya itu bagus-bagus tapi pasti ga nyaman di pake ya?
    bros nya pasti bikin hijab mleyat-mleyot gara-gara kberatan :P

    1. Iya,,jadinya ketarik-tarik hijabnya, malah ribet >.<

  4. cute collections, too bad you dont enjoy them...=(
    ive nominated you for liebster award!

    Find my post here